3 Ways To Bring Montessori Independence Into The Home

If you send your toddler to a Montessori-based daycare, you may find that they soon begin to show more independence than before. The Montessori method is based on fostering independence through practicing everyday activities. For example, kids who attend a Montessori daycare may learn how to get their own drinks and snacks, how to play on their own, and how to care for their belongings. As a parent, it is natural for you to want your child to continue to explore these kinds of independence at home as well. Read More 

3 Reasons To Send Your Child To A Private Preschool

Trying to find a good preschool for your child can often seem a difficult and daunting task. While each child is different and may thrive in somewhat different environments, a great option for most children is a private preschool. These schools are run separately than public preschools and can offer things for you and your child that public preschools cannot. This article will discuss 3 reasons why you should consider enrolling your child in a private preschool. Read More 

Is Catholic High School The Right Choice For My Kid?

If you're a parent, there's no doubt that you've considered whether to send your children to public school or private school. You've probably also considered the different types of private schools, including whether or not a Catholic high school is the right fit for your circumstances. Even if you are not a member of the Catholic faith, choosing to send your child to a Catholic high school can still have its benefits. Read More