Engage Your Customers With More Effective Product Packaging Design

Selling products requires you to capture the attention of consumers that are bombarded with visual information each time they shop. In order to ensure that your product makes an impression, you need to engage with customers. Utilizing packaging to help increase the engagement level of your products can be beneficial.

Here are three simple product packaging design ideas that will promote customer engagement.

1. Use your packaging to start a conversation.

Communicating with your customers on a regular basis is a great way to receive feedback on your products. Information gathered from a customer's experience with your products can help you make improvements that will lead to more sales in the future.

You can easily use your product packaging to start a conversation with consumers. As you design the graphics that will be featured on your packaging, be sure that you are including information on how customers can find you through social media sites.

Current research shows that nearly two-thirds of American adults use social media websites on a regular basis, so providing hashtags and social media usernames for your company on the packaging will encourage your customers to use these platforms to communicate their opinions of your products.

2. Make your packaging interactive.

Rather than just using your packaging as a vehicle for communicating facts about the product it contains, make your packaging more interactive to allow you to engage with your customers.

Including educational tips outlining unexpected ways to use your products or featuring trivia on your packaging will increase the amount of time your products are in the hands of a consumer in a retail setting. This increased level of interaction could be just what a customer needs to feel a connection to your product, and ultimately could sway a potential buyer to make a purchase.

3. Include a thank you note.

If you really want to wow your customers and encourage additional sales, you should include a thank you note in your packaging design. When a customer unboxes your product for the first time and finds a sincere thank you, he or she will feel that their purchase is appreciated by your company.

Statistics show that 70% of buying experiences are based on how a consumer feels they are being treated. Consumers who feel appreciated are more likely to remain loyal to your company, and they are more willing to encourage their friends and family to purchase from your company as well.

Using your packaging to increase the level of engagement you have with consumers can be beneficial. Try starting a conversation by including social media information, using interactive information, and including a thank you note to take your product packaging to the next level. Contact a business, such as WorkAbilities, Inc. for more information.