A Guide For Getting Your License Back After A Traumatic Brain Injury

If you have recently experienced a traumatic brain injury, which can be referred to as a TBI, you were probably upset that your license to drive was suspended or revoked. Fortunately, it is possible for many drivers who have fully recovered from a TBI to regain their driving privileges, but doing so will usually involve participating in a driver's education program that is geared toward the special needs of TBI survivors. Read More 

3 Ways Enrolling Your Child In Martial Arts Can Help Them At School

If your child is suffering academically and you don't know what to do, perhaps getting them involved in another discipline can be just what they need. Discover just how placing your child in martial arts can help them succeed in school, whether they suffer from poor grades or lack of friends. They learn to respect authority Your child may already know they need to listen to their teacher at school but may have issues with taking their elders seriously. Read More 

Tips For New Freelance Writers

If you are trying your hand at freelance writing in order to make some extra cash on the side of your regular job or to be your full source of income, you likely want to be successful at it and want to meet your financial goals. However, if you have just entered the industry, you might not know the best way of going about freelance writing. Here are some tips in order to make the process go as smoothly as possible. Read More 

How Common-Core Education Does Not Work for Children with Autism

You have probably heard a lot about "Common Core" education in the news, since it is something President-elect Donald Trump supposedly wants to remove from schools. If you have children in school right now, you may even be familiar with some of the Common-Core practices in math and reading. This is a very different approach to learning what you learned in school, and while it may work for some children, it does not work for all. Read More 

Could Your Preschooler Be Suffering From Depression?

Is your preschool-age child struggling to enjoy their time in preschool or suffering from frequent bouts of anger or frustration? There's a chance they may be suffering from depression. The reasons for this depression are often hard to pin-point, but preschool can help manage these symptoms. Depression In Preschoolers Is Often Due To Low Socialization Sadly, multiple studies have shown that depression is a possibility with preschoolers. In a study by Joan L. Read More