Could Your Preschooler Be Suffering From Depression?

Is your preschool-age child struggling to enjoy their time in preschool or suffering from frequent bouts of anger or frustration? There's a chance they may be suffering from depression. The reasons for this depression are often hard to pin-point, but preschool can help manage these symptoms. Depression In Preschoolers Is Often Due To Low Socialization Sadly, multiple studies have shown that depression is a possibility with preschoolers. In a study by Joan L. Read More 

Is Language Immersion School Right For Your Child?

When looking for a private school, parents have many different options available. The type of school you choose will depend on the educational goals you have for your children. One option is language immersion, but you'll want to know some of the details about this type of private school before you make a decision. Here are just some of the things you should consider before enrolling your child in a private language immersion school. Read More